Class Descriptions

(order- easier to harder + acro)

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This class is the slowest of the slow combining a mix of long deep yin holds with deeply relaxing restorative poses. It will be both deeply relaxing and an amazing way to release deep longstanding restrictions in the body.


Active Restoration

This class is a mix of restorative poses, ball therapy and rehabilitation exercises to re-shape & reset the body to a place where it functions best. A great class for anyone with persistent and nagging injury problems


Yoga Fundamentals

This is a great class for the absolute beginner or for continuing students who want the time to focus on the foundations of their practice.

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Slow Flow

A mixed level class which focuses on long soft stretching, combined with gentle movements to create an ease throughout the whole body.


Rise & Shine

Get up and get moving first thing with this teacher led class that starts slower to get the body moving first thing in the morning and then gets a bit more active to leave you feeling energized for the day.



This class is the perfect mix of dynamic Vinyasa and Yin poses, finishing in a restorative manner. An amazing class to start or finish the day with!



Is a flow style of Asana practice that is a more vigorous in nature offering a nice balance of strength and opening.


Hip & Leg Openers

A Vinyasa style, mixed level, practice focusing more on strengthening and opening the lower half of the body.


Spine Opening & Back Bending

A Vinyasa style, mixed level, practice focusing more on strengthening and opening the upper half of the body.


The Slow Burn

This is a slow class that gets in real deep but would never be called an easy practice, more like a slow burn…


Sivatantra Namaskars

(set series)

This dynamic and challenging Vinyasa practice flows through all of the 7 Chakra Namaskars of Sivatantra Yoga. Each week a few poses will be changed in order to give the "set series" additional variety and challenge.


Power Flow

A challenging class with a focus on building more strength/endurance in the body and practice.


Int/Adv Flow

A very challenging Vinyasa flow class for those with a strong practice looking to create a deeper relationship with their Yoga

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Acro Yoga

AcroYoga is a partner and group practice that combines yoga, acrobatics, and dance. This practice is a fun and playful way to build trust, strength, flexibility and confidence. For the majority of the class you will be working with a partner or small group, as well as learning individual warm ups and conditioning that you can do on your own. In AcroYoga classes you will be encouraged to base, fly and spot. Learning in all three roles gives you a deeper understanding of the skills and of AcroYoga as a whole. On the schedule you will find a variety of classes to choose from.

AcroYoga Foundations is beginner friendly, and focus on building your Acro Yoga practice with basic poses.

All Levels AcroYoga is beginner friendly, with options and refinements offered to make things easier or harder depending on what you need. Please take the time to attend a few of the Foundations and All Levels until you have consistency with your skills before “graduating” to the next tier of classes.

Intermediate or 4 Week Series classes explore variations of basic poses and link them together with transitions. Learn flows, and add an endurance component to your practice.