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We are all about community, the community around us and the amazing community we have cultivated here over the years.

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Each of our classes is infused with the richness of Trika Yoga philosophy in a way that allows these abstract concepts to be tangibly experienced.


Peg City Yoga opened its doors over 9 years ago with a mission;

To provide a yoga practice that is accessible to all levels, beginner to advanced, by well trained, quality teachers.

We are a vibrant studio with people from all walks of life who appreciate feeling better daily in their lives.

We have a variety of weekly classes being offered for all levels, allowing beginners to learn the basics when they first start and the more familiar students to feel they are being offered more challenging classes to continue to grow their practice.

Peg City Yoga is the place to go if you want to dive deep into yogic practices or simply to free up pain and tension in your body/mind.


Noah Krol, Founder/Owner, Yoga Director

Marisa Cline, Owner, Studio Manager, Artistic Director

TBA, Owner, Business Manager, Marketing Director

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The practice of Yoga is simple, but not easy and we believe that everyone is capable of practicing Yoga if they are willing.