Andrea Robin

Andrea Robin is a 300hr RYT yoga instructor, having done the bulk of her training in her hometown of Winnipeg under some of the most experienced teacher trainers in the city. She is a Gypsy Yoga Teacher; instructing a variety of classes (Vinyasa, Partner, Couples, Gentle Senior, Power & Beginner) in various facilities around Winnipeg.

Since the very beginning of her training, Andrea has believed that yoga helps people to heal themselves and she is honoured to be a small part of her pupil’s learning process. She lives for those light bulb “Ah ha!” moments as a student finally makes that mind/body connection, when a pupil excitedly tell her they can walk for longer periods without pain, or that a breathing technique she showed them helped them through a difficult time.

When not teaching, Andrea practices the philanthropic aspect of Karma Yoga by organizing large scale charitable yoga events. Andrea is forever grateful for the joy, enlightenment, opportunities & people that yoga has brought into her life. She is very much looking forward to being a part of the PegCity Sangha.